Added Tax System

Today, the functionality of the tax system has been added to our program. You can now use tax rates in document templates and track sales tax amounts.

To set up the tax system, go to the "Company" section - the "Tax system" tab, click "Add tax" and fill in all the information:

Then go to the tab "Requisites" and tick the necessary taxes for each of your details:

Now you can use a tax variable for insertion in document templates (if "Display tax in documents" - YES is selected in the tax settings) and print documents with automatic substitution of the tax amount:

Also in the sales list, you can track the amount of taxes for each of the sales. To do this, in your CRM tariff, Accounting must be active, and in the tax settings, the "Display sales tax" setting must be YES. To view sales taxes in the sales section (Reservations / Services / Sales), select the accounting mode in the filter:

And you will see a list of sales with tax columns: