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Accounting of working hours

  • Allows you to track the time spent on the tasks of all employees and to charge the salary by the hour.

Clients and Contacts

  • Keeping the client base and all contact data, financial, postal companies.

Support System

  • Allows you to implement a support service for the company's clients with differentiation by department.

Boundless integration and adaptation

  • With its powerful platform and boxed solutions, CRM Travels supports the writing of any modules for integration and adaptation for the customer.

Projects and Tasks

  • Implementation of the project by a team and all tasks with differentiation into stages.


  • Setting different goals for sales department for the required period (achievement of X deals, Y income, etc.).

Chat company

  • Personal Correspondence;
  • Communication between employees;
  • Group Communication;

Additional Features

  • Convenient work through any mobile phone and tablet;
  • Push-notifications;
  • Automatic Backup;
  • Multilanguage;
  • Log of all operations in the system;
  • Polls Section;
  • Export data to pdf.

Leads and Sales

  • Allows you to keep the company's lead database in list mode and kanban with the ability to integrate on the site.

Knowledge Base

  • Formation of a catalog of articles, instructions for employees of the company.

Billing and Online Payments

  • Keeping records of all client payments, billing, control of payments, payment with online services.

Company Structure

  • Formation of departments, keeping a section of all employees with the cards and roles of each and all working data.

Document Management

  • Archiving of all company documents with the ability of binding to each client.

Client's Personal Account

  • Formation of a personal account for the company's clients with all their orders.

Customize the appearance of CRM

  • Ability to customize the appearance style of all sections of CRM Travels, menu, buttons, font, etc.

Accounts, Expenses

  • Huge section for sales department with the possibility of automatic billing, control of payments, etc.

Calendar of all processes

  • Powerful company calendar with the ability to filter any process.

Results and Statistics

  • The section allows you to take statistics of the work of the company, each department, employee.


First 7 days - free of charge in any tariff

Bonus when paying for the year: 30%

Bonus when paying for half a year: 20%


from 30 $/months (before 5 Employees)

  • Tour Selection
  • Section Applications
  • Section Clients
  • Section Tasks
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from 90 $/months (before 5 Employees)

  • Tariff Standart +
  • Section Tour Bookings
  • Section Analytics
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Detailed analytics for the director

Director's Desktop
Analysis of revenue and mark-ups

(including, by offices and managers)

Promotion Channels
Tour Segmentation
  • Directions
  • Tour Operators
  • Hotel Stars
  • Tour Price
  • Tour Duration
Analysis of Client Base
  • Analysis of Repeat Purchases
  • Dynamics of growth in client base
  • Sales Funnel

Program for travel agencies CRM Travels

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