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Program for Travel Agencies

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Accounting of working hours

  • Allows you to track the time spent on the tasks of all employees and to charge the salary by the hour.

Clients and Contacts

  • Keeping the client base and all contact data, financial, postal companies.

Support System

  • Allows you to implement a support service for the company's clients with differentiation by department.

Boundless integration and adaptation

  • With its powerful platform and boxed solutions, CRM Travels supports the writing of any modules for integration and adaptation for the customer.

Projects and Tasks

  • Implementation of the project by a team and all tasks with differentiation into stages.


  • Setting different goals for sales department for the required period (achievement of X deals, Y income, etc.).

Chat company

  • Personal Correspondence;
  • Communication between employees;
  • Group Communication;

Additional Features

  • Convenient work through any mobile phone and tablet;
  • Push-notifications;
  • Automatic Backup;
  • Multilanguage;
  • Log of all operations in the system;
  • Polls Section;
  • Export data to pdf.

Leads and Sales

  • Allows you to keep the company's lead database in list mode and kanban with the ability to integrate on the site.

Knowledge Base

  • Formation of a catalog of articles, instructions for employees of the company.

Billing and Online Payments

  • Keeping records of all client payments, billing, control of payments, payment with online services.

Company Structure

  • Formation of departments, keeping a section of all employees with the cards and roles of each and all working data.

Document Management

  • Archiving of all company documents with the ability of binding to each client.

Client’s Personal Account

  • Formation of a personal account for the company's clients with all their orders.

Customize the appearance of CRM

  • Ability to customize the appearance style of all sections of CRM Travels, menu, buttons, font, etc.

Accounts, Expenses

  • Huge section for sales department with the possibility of automatic billing, control of payments, etc.

Calendar of all processes

  • Powerful company calendar with the ability to filter any process.

Results and Statistics

  • The section allows you to take statistics of the work of the company, each department, employee.

Most Important CRM Travels

All actions in one window

You just need to open the Analytics section to get the full information about the travel agency at the moment. All bookings, applications, finance with segmentation for offices and managers - all in one tab!

Key opportunities

Maintaining the database of Applications and Clients
Working with Potential Clients
Reminders to the Managers for Terms and Payments
Individual Accesses for Director, Accountant and Managers
Remote work anywhere
Automatic filling of documents
Encrypted Database
Motivation for managers and Analytics for Director
Embedded Mailouts SMS/Email/Viber/Telegram

Plugin for tour selection

Chrome/Opera Crm Travels Plugin

Go to the website of tour operator and add necessary options to the plugin

Go to CRM Travels, unload the selection in the application and send it to the client SMS/Email

Make a selection and send it to the client in just a few clicks

Program Features

Adaptive and Simple Interface

In one window you can see all the efficiency of the company's work from the number of calls to the number of completed bookings.

All the most important moments in the work are signaled by means of reminders. You will not miss anything important!

Which manager books and how much this manager books, who departs tomorrow, what is not paid and to whom, what is the status of documents for visa, what are the terms, etc.


The first 7 days are free in any tariff
No Commission for Balance Replenishment
Discounts for Long-term Cooperation

Convenient System of Reminders

You can immediately see the full picture of the state of affairs in the company.

You can always see the most important and urgent tasks for the moment.

The system of reminders will be immediately appreciated by the head of the company, where there are good sales volumes.

— Thanks to the system of reminders, all important points in the work are fulfilled on time.

Work anywhere remotely

You can always monitor the effectiveness of your company's work:

at the office

at home

on the beach


— Even when I am abroad, I am always aware of all the working processes of the company.

photo100 Roman, Dnipro

The director, chief of department, accountant and manager have their own accesses


Full picture of the company


All Payments and Accounting

Senior Manager

All applications of all managers


Only your applications

The entire database is secure

256-bit SSL connection encryption
The database can be downloaded to your computer at any time
Database Encryption

Integrated SMS and E-mail Mailout

Last Minute Offers
Keeping Potential Customers
Reminders for departing tourists

Convenient work with potential clients

Each application will be processed

Control of each tourist request in steps

Detailed analytics for the director

Director's Desktop
Analysis of revenue and mark-ups

(including, by offices and managers)

Promotion Channels
Tour Segmentation
  • Directions
  • Tour Operators
  • Hotel Stars
  • Tour Price
  • Tour Duration
Analysis of Client Base
  • Analysis of Repeat Purchases
  • Dynamics of growth in client base
  • Sales Funnel

Integrated motivation for managers

Best employee by the end of the month

Each manager sees his place in the rating

— It constantly stimulates to sell more and strive to be the first one.

Automatic filling of all documents

Many ready-made document templates, as well as the ability to create your own


First 7 days - free of charge in any tariff


from 20 $ / months

  • Section Applications
  • Section Clients
  • Section Tasks
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*First 7 days - free of charge


from 60 $ / months

  • Section Applications
  • Section Clients
  • Section Tasks
  • Section Tour Bookings
  • Section Analytics
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*First 7 days - free of charge

Program for Travel Agencies

CRM Travels will help you to control your travel agency, which is not quite an easy task. Full control over the processes from the incoming call to the departure or even the arrival of tourists. Analysis of the work of each individual manager, comparison of work efficiency by offices and managers, planning indicators for the next month - CRM Travels can offer you all this and much more. With us you can be aware of the work of the company, even abroad or on vacation - you need only a smartphone and the Internet.