Affiliate Program

Are you the owner of a tourist website, blog, public in social networks? We give you the opportunity to receive a stable and constant income from payments of companies that you bring into CRM Travels.

Our Advantages

1. Cookie lifetime
Even if a company will be registered within 30 days after following your affiliate link - it will still be assigned to you and you'll earn revenue.

2. Stable income
You get 20% from all company payments for using CRM Travels.

3. Maximum transparency
In the affiliate account you will see all the statistics of the click-through on your affiliate link, all transfers and payments.

How the affiliate program works?

1. Installing Tools
You install affiliate tools of CRM Travels on your site or page - banners or link.

2. Company Registration
Your readers follow the link and register the company in CRM Travels.

3. Аccrual of earnings
Transactions are processed instantly, so you will immediately see detailed information about the credited affiliate reward in your affiliate's office.

How much will I earn?

Let's say you have attracted 10 companies. 5 of them registered for the tariff FULL and 5 for the tariff STANDART.

Your income will be:

( (5 * 50$/мес) + (5 * 10$/мес)) * 0.2=200$/мес

Thus, your minimum monthly income will be 200$. And you will receive it constantly - while the companies will work in CRM Travels. The maximum income depends only on you and is not restricted.