Info Center

Info center

Tourist information center is an indispensable assistant to any tourism Manager. For the first time all the necessary tools are collected in one place - in CRM TRAVELS. Now you can access information on the following sections at any time:

1. Hotels. In this section you can read and leave reviews about hotels, find business cards of employees, and leave a comment for your company.

2. Scoreboard airports. Here you will find an online schedule of departures and arrivals for any airport in the world.

3. Aircraft tracking. Get information about the desired flight at the current time (the actual position of the aircraft on the world map).

4. City / country guide. In this section you can find out the current weather, exchange rates, maps (traffic jams, public transport, etc.), as well as General information about the country.

5. Directory of links (operators). Here you will find a full list of operators and links to their websites, offices, groups in the social. networks.

6. Useful links. Various links to resources that will definitely be useful for any tourism Manager.

7. Tourist exhibition. In this section you can see the full list of tourist exhibitions by date in all countries of the world.

8. Embassies. Here you can find the full contacts and address of the required Embassy.

9. Waiver / Promotional tours. Here you can always find a list of current refusal or promotional tours, as well as place your offer, which will be seen by all our partners.

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