Updates from 16.01.2020

Today in the program for travel agencies CRM Travels the following changes have been made:
1. The insurance functionality has been expanded - now in tours, buses and cruises it is possible to add several types of insurance, indicate the insurance company and the amount of coverage for each. All data on insurance will be displayed in documents when printing on the tour. In old bookings, where only the type of insurance was indicated, you need to re-fill in the insurance data using the advanced functionality.

2. Added the ability to set access settings for departments, now you can appoint department heads who will monitor the work of managers - their applications and reservations. By default, access is set to - Your department. The function is at the final testing stage, but access is already open to everyone.

3. Fixed bugs, improved usability.
Thanks to all our partners for constructive criticism and wishes for improving the system. We work for you!