Updates from 02.12.2019

Today in the program for travel agencies CRM Travels the following changes have been made:
1. Added the ability to set the date and number of the agency agreement with the tour operator for each of the company details. Now, when printing documents, the date and number of the contract with the operator will be automatically substituted based on the selected details. The setting is in the Tour Operators section - the "View" button on the desired operator.

2. Added the ability to configure the signature rights for each manager. Now, if one or more of your employees has the right to sign documents on behalf of the company, you can give him the right to sign in the Employees section.

In this case, when printing contracts with an authorized employee, the name of the director will be automatically replaced by the name of the employee. Signed employees are marked with a special icon in the Employees section.

3. Fixed bugs, improved usability.
Thanks to all our partners for constructive criticism and wishes for improving the system. We work for you!