13.06.2019 Implemented functionality of uploading all important company data Więcej
07.06.2019 Added the ability to download electronic signatures Więcej
24.05.2019 Tourist Info Center launched Więcej
10.05.2019 Updates from 10.05.2019 Więcej
23.04.2019 Added integration with IP telephony Kyivstar Więcej
15.04.2019 Added section Armor Cruises Więcej
11.04.2019 Added Bus Armor section Więcej
01.04.2019 Updates from 01.04.2019 Więcej
26.03.2019 Updates from 26/03/2019 Więcej
21.03.2019 CRM Travels - launched Viber bot chat functionality Więcej
19.03.2019 Saving orders to CRM Travels from the TO office Więcej
12.03.2019 Update in billing documents Więcej
28.02.2019 Adding a list of customer calls to integration with Binotel Więcej
21.02.2019 Adding HTML Lead Forms to Facebook Więcej
19.02.2019 Added lead form Więcej
13.02.2019 Updates from 13/02/2019 Więcej
06.02.2019 New section Additional Services Więcej
22.01.2019 Updates from 22/01/2019 Więcej
10.01.2019 Autocompletion of the application from the operator using CRM Travels Plugin Więcej
08.01.2019 Updates from 08/01/2019 Więcej