Updates from 01.10.2020

Today, the following changes were made to the CRM Travels travel Agency program:
1. Added transfer of requests from to Pegasus using the CRM Travels Plugin. Fixed the transfer of THE Mouzenidis.
2. Added the ability to create document templates for Bus reservations, Cruises and Services. The corresponding variables can be found in the edit menu of the Insert variable template:
3. Added information on the daily load of offices and managers as a percentage to the event Calendar. The load indicator is calculated based on the duration of each Manager's tasks and services. This feature will be especially useful for companies that plan their employees ' working hours.
The total company load is displayed for each day:
When you click on the total percentage, the load for each office is displayed (if you have several offices):
Then when you click on the office load indicator we see the load by managers in the time section:
To calculate the load percentage correctly, you need to set up office working hours in the Offices or Employees section (if you have employees who do not work according to the office schedule).
4. The Tasks were added to the setting for the correct calculation of employment rate of employees.
5. Fixed errors, improved usability.
Thank you to all our partners for their constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the system. We work for you!