Updates from 19.12.2019

Today in the program for travel agencies CRM Travels the following changes have been made:
1. Added the ability to change the color scheme of the page for selecting tours for the client. Now you can independently set the colors for all elements of the selection page based on the corporate colors of your travel agency. The setting is in the Offices section, editing the office - Settings tab:


2. Added the ability to change the type of information displayed on the page for selecting tours for the client - a table or tile. Now it will be much more convenient for your customers to view the rebounds, the table is better for viewing on a smartphone; if you open the selection on a PC, the tile will be more optimal. The manager can specify this parameter before sending it to the client in the application:

The client can also change the appearance of the display on the selection page:

3. Fixed bugs, improved usability.
Thanks to all our partners for constructive criticism and wishes for improving the system. We work for you!