Updates from 10.05.2019

Today in the program for travel agencies CRM Travels the following updates have been made:
1. Added the ability to automatically calculate the salary for each order. You can activate the setting in the "Company" section - the Settings tab:
Now you can choose between manual and automatic payroll. In manual mode, the salary of the manager for each order is calculated manually. In automatic mode, the manager’s salary will be calculated on the basis of his commission (Employees section) in case the total actual income for a tour will be in only one currency by default (currency for salary payment).
2. In the "Customers" section added the ability to send Email / SMS for each client.
3. Added the ability to change the type of contract number with tourists from the internal ID to the application number of the operator. The setting is located in the "Company" section - the Settings tab.
4. Fixed bugs, improved usability.
Thanks to all our partners for constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the system. We work for you!